NANR Advantage Data Platform

Powered by Citizen Data

The NANR Advantage Data Platform, powered by Citizen Data, is the first-ever nationwide data agreement to level the playing field for nonpartisan reformers across the country.

NANR members can access high-quality and affordable voter data, mapping software, and other data products and services — saving our members valuable financial resources and giving them an edge over the competition.

Access to the NANR Advantage Data Platform is for members only.

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CITIZEN DATA’S Data Features

Voter File Record Purchases

Citizen will arm your campaign with the nation’s most accurate and robust voter file. Citizen’s nationwide voter file contains over 185 million regularly updated voters, paired with consumer, donor and modeled issue data. Citizen also maintains a consumer file of all non-registered adults. Citizen continually acquires and updates data from state, county and local levels along with the most highly trusted third party sources available. Citizen’s files are continually scrubbed against national databases, and Citizen performs national change of address (NCOA) coding and CASS certification.

Citizen’s data compilation and development process involves both human and automated control checks throughout. This meticulous and unparalleled data collection and distribution gives your campaign the power to run more efficiently, waste less money and, most importantly, win your race.

Learn more at Citizen Data

Enhanced Voter File Data Modeling

Citizen works with L2 and HaystaqDNA to hand pick issues relevant to elections. Each of the issues below will have a score (from 0 to 100) giving you a voter’s likelihood of support for an issue. 95% of voters in the file have a score of 0-100 on 66 different issues and behaviors. Voters are also ‘flagged’ if they fall into a top percentage of the model.

See the full issues list and learn more at HaystaqDNA.

Voter Mapping

Find voter counts, do analysis, purchase records and download data. Citizen uses L2 VoterMapping to give users the power to perform simple or complex voter analysis or counts of a single district, state or nationwide instantly. Select from thousands of voter, demographic, consumer, donor or issue categories. Once you have refined your list it can be exported in different formats including mail, phone, walk, telemarketing, NationBuilder and standard CSV.

Email Purchase

Take your organization’s message beyond mailers and phone calls. Email remains the #1 most trusted method of reaching voters digitally. All of Citizen’s email databases originate from opt-in sources and all addresses are tested for deliverability, making our product compliant and effective with nationwide coverage. With Citizen email you can:
  • Attach email addresses to your list of names and addresses.
  • Attach voter and consumer data to an existing list of email addresses.
  • Clean your existing email database to improve deliverability.

Email Deployment

Citizen emails are a powerful way to reach potential voters or consumers. After going through a multi-stage verification process, you can use these emails for direct outreach or build custom audiences for direct upload into platforms like Facebook or Google Adwords.


NANR members are eligible for data products and services from Citizen Data at favored nation prices, including but not limited to: 

  • Data management, cleaning, and enhancement services 
  • Custom modeling (target audience development) 
  • Proprietary data and insights
  • Survey research & polling 
  • Message testing

Prices available upon request.

MEMBERS ONLY: Access Platform

Please read all terms carefully. Once you complete your access request, your membership will be verified as paid through 2020, and the terms will be emailed to you for your records.


Please reach out with any questions to [email protected].

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