Policy List

Members of the National Association of Nonpartisan Reformers are leading the effort to implement nonpartisan election reforms across the country, all focused on putting voters first.


Some reforms that our members are focused on include the following:

1. Equitable voting access

  • Secure and accessible vote-at-home options
  • Convenient and safe in-person voting options
  • Automatic voter registration
  • Protect minority voting rights

2. Opening all elections to all voters

  • Open primaries
  • Nonpartisan primaries
  • Independent (“public”) primaries

3. Support elections that ensure majority outcomes

  • Ranked choice voting 
  • Other alternatives to plurality voting

4. Increase transparency and accountability

  • Constitutional amendment to allow effective campaign finance laws
  • Expanding disclosure laws
  • Clean elections options
  • End revolving door lobbying
  • Strengthen anti-corruption and self-dealing laws

5. Fair ballot access

  • Online signature-gathering
  • Elimination of sore loser laws 
  • Standardized party qualification laws
  • Fair standards for independent candidate petitions

6. End gerrymandering

  • Impartial redistricting commissions
  • Fair standards for drawing districts
  • Multi-member districts
  • Proportional representation
  • Other alternatives to winner-take-all elections 

7. Major reforms to current presidential election system

  • Open presidential debates
  • Ranked choice voting in presidential primaries and general election

8. Addressing congressional dysfunction

  • End Hastert rule and other gridlock practices
  • Reform filibuster rules
  • Strong role for committees in policy development
  • Transparency in legislative process
  • National initiative and referendum process
  • Amend the Constitution to enable term limits
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