About the National Association of Nonpartisan Reformers

The National Association of Nonpartisan Reformers (NANR) is the first association of organizations dedicated to structural election reform. Such reforms should be understood as systemic changes that are pro-voter, not anti-party.

Our members have passed major reforms like Colorado’s more open primary and redistricting reform, Maine’s statewide ranked choice voting initiative, and California’s top-two nonpartisan primary system. 

Being a NANR member gives you access to this trusted network of experienced partners, advisors, vendors, and other resources to make sure you have all the tools to advance nonpartisan reform.

the NANR Preamble

We, as individuals and/or representatives of organizations, in order to foster a government that is representative of and responsive to the people, are dedicated to advancing electoral reforms and strategies that increase competition, participation, and accountability in our political system. The Democratic and Republican parties have created institutional barriers to insulate themselves from these reforms.

The absence of a competitive political system denies voters fair and equitable access to their government. Such absence of access further denies candidates for elected office any reasonable capacity to freely express their opinions, offer such opinions for consideration of the electorate, or otherwise impact the course of public policy.

We further recognize that the remedy to our unrepresentative and unresponsive government is to credibly challenge the institutionalized advantages that transfer control of the electoral process from the people to the leadership of the Democratic and Republican parties, and we resolve to mount that challenge. We believe that a more fair and competitive election system will not only strengthen our democracy, but will also improve the responsiveness and credibility of the two major parties.

In our common pursuit of this right and essential objective, we support the establishment of a formal Association of nonpartisan, reform-oriented organizations and individuals that can facilitate shared resources, establish common objectives, and promote general efforts to provide more choice to voters and better representation to every citizen of the United States regardless of their party affiliation or non-affiliation.

Who We Are

NANR was founded by representatives from ten organizations that have led significant successful efforts in the face of two-party opposition to change electoral rules to expand voters’ meaningful choices by increasing electoral competition outside of and/or within both major-party establishments.

These structural reforms and related legal efforts include, but are not limited to, nonpartisan and open primaries, ranked choice voting, competitive redistricting, a level playing field for nonpartisan candidates, and debate access.

The association now includes over 30 dues-paying members and expects a significant number of additional members heading into and following our first-annual summit on November 30, 2018.

what we do

As an organizing body for nonpartisan reformers, NANR’s functions should be limited in scope and directed toward activities that serve the benefit of its entire membership.

For example, NANR may:

  1. Host an annual summit for nonpartisan leaders
  2. Execute agreements for the benefit of its members
  3. Develop long-term strategies and goals on behalf of its members
  4. Connect members with credible nonpartisan resources, vendors, and funders
  5. Facilitate nonpartisan investment opportunities on behalf of funders including legal support and media platforms
  6. Issue endorsements
  7. Publish editorials and conduct press relations on behalf of its membership

What we do not do

As an organizing body for nonpartisan reformers, NANR’s functions shall not exceed its limited scope as to participate in activities that could otherwise be accomplished by one or more of its members.

NANR will not:

  1. Lead legislative or initiative efforts
  2. Provide professional services
  3. Expand beyond an organizing and supportive body

The opportunity

Today, the momentum for nonpartisan reform is growing exponentially. To capitalize on this growth, organizations within the space need to start building an institutional knowledge base, learning from and leveraging each success and/or failure for each successive effort.

NANR’s members, collectively, have the experience and resources to begin the long-term process of building these resources including:

  1. Branding
  2. Database(s)
  3. Funding sources
  4. Press and public relations
  5. Professional vendors
  6. Political action committees

NANR, itself, cannot and will not build these resources. Rather, NANR is the vehicle for its members to collaborate on strategies in order to build these resources for the long-term benefit of all of its members.  That strategic collaboration has begun.

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