The National Association of Nonpartisan Reformers (“NANR”) provides a roundtable for organizations working outside the two major parties to share resources, develop strategies, and build an institutional knowledge base of our own.

Our members have passed major reforms like Colorado’s more open primaries and gerrymandering reform, Maine’s statewide ranked choice voting initiative, and California’s top-two nonpartisan primary system.

Becoming a NANR member increases your organization’s visibility and credibility. It also provides reformers with access to a network of experienced supporters, partners, advisors, and vendors who can help you advance your reform work.  

All members receive exclusive NANR benefits, including:

For more questions or inquires, email: [email protected].

susan b. anthony Circle

For individuals, vendors, national and state-based organizations

$1,000 per year


  • Organization or individual listed in online directory
  • One ticket to the annual summit *
  • Access to Association conference calls and other  member events
  • Invitations to other events co-hosted by NANR

George washington Circle

For individuals, funders, national reform organizations

$5,000 per year


  • All Susan B. Anthony benefits, plus
  • Two tickets to the annual summit *
  • Breakout sponsorship at annual summit (inquire for details)

directors' Circle

For national funders, individuals, larger national reform organizations, board of directors

$10,000 per year


  • All of the above, plus
  • Four tickets to the annual summit *
  • General-session sponsorship at the annual summit (inquire for details)
  • Invitation to board meetings and conference calls

*New members are given immediate access to member benefits, tickets for the next annual summit (subject to availability), and membership to NANR for the following calendar year. Members are given priority to RSVP for the annual summit during their first full year of membership, but will not receive tickets to a second annual summit until membership is renewed for an additional year.
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